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Prime Casting is now accepting Online Registration.  Please read all instructions for Registration and Updates. Please note that Registration is being handled outside of the office and calls will not be accepted regarding registration or updates.

Please follow the instructions below for Registration.  All Registration will only be handled through email.  Please email the following:

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Completed I9 Form
  • SAG/AFTRA talent submit SAG/AFTRA card
  • Pictures through email - Web Friendly (2MB or smaller)
  • MINORS (under 18) submit current work permit.

Registration Email:

Registration Form:  PDF Registation Form

Once your information has been received through email you can submit for Extra Work.  We will post extra roles on our Blog, Facebook, and LA Casting.  To submit, please follow the instructions on the Blog.  We will only be taking electronic submissions at this time.  No calls for Registration or Submissions will be accepted.

Click Below for a listing of our Updated Projects:

Updates, Submissions and Other Information

Inform us immediately of any and all changes in your contact information. You may email us to PHOTOUPDATE@PRIMECASTING.COM   Please email us changes in Phone Number, Sizes and Photos.

Inform us if there is a major change in your appearance.   If you show up to a job looking drastically different from your digital picture, we will both look very unprofessional.  Please send a current picture if you have made a drastic change in hair color, hair length, weight/sizes or other.

Having a working cell phone is a very good idea.  Jobs sometimes come up very rapidly and if we have a reliable way of getting a hold of you, your chances of booking that job increase significantly.


Please follow the instructions on the Blog. Submissions will be accepted through email only.


  • DO be sure to bring a valid picture ID and your SS card, or passprot, to each and every job.  (YOU MUST BE LEGAL TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES) If you don't bring them, you might be sent home without compensation.
  • DO get to the set on time; there is no excuse for being late.
  • DO call us if you have any issues getting to set.
  • DO be courteous and abide by set rules.  Turn off phones and pagers.
  • DO check in with the AD or coordinator immediately upon arriving on location and get your voucher.  Make sure you fill out both sides completely, and LEGIBLY. If you do not know how, please ASK!
  • DO anticipate a full day's work; they can be very long.  We never know how long they will be, but understand that you will be expected to stay until you are released.
  • DO bring the correct, complete, and appropriate wardrobe changes; Ladies, please come to the set hair/make-up ready.
  • DO bring a book or other small items to keep you occupied during the day between shots and a few small snacks if you get hungry frequently
  • DO remember to return all items that the production may have loaned you
  • DO call the office immediately at (323)962-0377 if you have any questions, concerns, or if you feel apprehensive about doing/completing something the production my ask you to do.
  • DON'T accept the assignment unless you are certain you are able and willing to work under the conditions described.  If you back out, we will REMEMBER.
  • DON'T EVER replace yourself if you absolutely cannot make your assignment.  Call us and WE will find a replacement.
  • DON'T wander off while on set.  Productions move quickly and the AD's need to know where you are at all times.  IF you must leave the holding area, get approval first and return quickly.
  • DON'T look into the camera or speak while they are rolling unless told to do so.
  • DON'T call the emergency number unless it is a true emergency.  Please ONLY call the emergency number or our office number.
  • DON'T bring friends, family, or pets to the set.  We want you to have a fun and fulfilling day but always remember that you are in a business environment and should always conduct yourself accoudingly.  This goes for mothers of working children, please don't bring other children.
  • DON'T even theink about bringing alcohol or drugs on our sets.  You will be immediately dismissed and you will be deregistered from PRIME CASTING.
  • DON'T take pictures or video on set or of set and post them to the internet.


You will be required to fill our paperwork on set and make sure you fill it out correctly and completely with your most current information.  Payroll times differ from job to job.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep copies of all paperwork, vouchers, dates of work (including name of project), and payroll contact information.  Prime Casting is not a payroll company and we are not your employer.  If you have a question about you pay, please contact the appropriate payroll company.