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We cast SAG-AFTRA and NON UNION talent for all project types.

Studio Fashion Photography


With a wealth of over 30 years of experience, we cast principal roles for a diverse range of projects across numerous cities in the USA. Our expertise extends to commercials, promos, print, short films, new media, and any endeavor that demands on-camera talent. We offer a comprehensive casting experience, providing in-person, self-tape, online/Zoom, and specialized dance and athlete auditions, alongside callback sessions accommodating productions with any sized budgets. 

Facing Back


Whether you need handfuls of extras or hundreds of extras, we are able to find talent in all shapes and sizes including special looks and special skills.  We coordinate with each department to ensure the extras meet the requirements.  We're here for those eleventh-hour changes, last-minute calls, or if you suddenly need more people on set – we've got it all handled!

Model in Studio


Finding the right stand in is crucial to a production.  DP's will depend on these roles for a smooth & successful shoot.  We have cast thousands of experienced talent in Stand In roles for all project types. Even if your production only requires a stand-in or two, we've got you covered.

Model in Studio

body doubles

Much like stand-ins, body doubles play a pivotal role in perfecting a scene. Whether it's athletic sequences, intimate moments, or any scenario demanding an uncanny resemblance to the principal talent, we excel at matching the right body doubles to enhance your production.

Socks Modelling

crowd casting

Handling crowd castings of 100 to 400 talents may seem like a daunting task for a production, but we're your dedicated partners every step of the way. From the precise selection of the ideal talents to streamline the check-in and wrangling process on set, we've got the experience and know-how to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

Posing in Studio


When a production needs talents that are far from ordinary and can't be found in the usual way, we explore new avenues and step beyond conventional means to scout for talents who precisely fit the bill. We've connected with a variety of real-world talents to bring an authentic and distinctive quality to the roles, making the production truly stand out.

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